Spectator Sections

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1 Bellevue Lifestyle VIP Experience

The Bellevue Lifestyle VIP Experience is contained within the VIP area and includes a special experience of food, drinks and lounging provided by Bellevue Lifestyle and their sponsors. The area stretches along the upper viewing terrace with tables, tents, sofas and everything you'd expect from Bellevue Lifestyle magazine.


The VIP area has expanded this year to include the upper and lower viewing terraces. The big tent with the VIP buffet and full service bar is located on the lower terrace. The upper terrace includes the VIP Lounge, wooden photo wall, Rolls-Royce Cullian display and private cabanas. Reserved tables with umbrellas line the front of the upper and lower terrace giving spectators with VIP reserved tables the best view of the game.

3 Beer + Wine Garden

The Beer + Wine Garden is held to the south of the lower viewing terrace. 

4 General Admission

The GA section is outside the viewing terraces on the North end of the field on the viewing berm. Seating is on grass with some umbrellas for shade. Spectators are welcome to bring chairs to sit on the berm.

5 Tailgating

Tailgating is located on both ends of the field. There are 12 tailgating spots on the north end of the field on the viewing berm and 25 tailgating spots on the south end.


Facility Map

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1 Tailgate Entrance

People with reserved tailgating spots enter the west entrance. An attendant will review parking and direct spectators around the equestrian center to the tailgating spots. The tailgating entrance may also be used for handicapped people needing assistance. 

2 Drop Off Exit

The drop off entrance is used for buses and vans. Shuttle service from W Bellevue Hotel will enter through the parking entrance and use the drop off area for staging. Buses and vans will leave by the Drop Off exit.

3 Parking Entrance

Spectators enter off SE 400th St through the polo club entrance on the east side of the facility.

4 VIP Parking

Spectators with VIP or Bellevue Lifestyle VIP tickets park behind the polo field with a short walk to the event entrance.

5 Parking

Spectators park on the practice field and walk across the end of the polo field to the event.

6 Event Entrance/Ticketing

Attendees enter the event and check in at the entrance tent. There their tickets and ID are checked and given wristbands.

7 Spectator Viewing Terraces

The viewing terraces for the VIP and Beer + Wine Garden occupy the center of the polo field.

8 Tailgating

Tailgating is located on the north and south ends of the field.

9 Fashion Tent, Food Trucks & Restrooms

The bench behind the VIP area contains space for the Fashion Tent, food trucks and restrooms.