Polo matches are a fun way to surround yourself with equestrian culture in a social setting. The most important thing to bring to a match is your enthusiasm for the game, but there is more entertainment at the polo party than just the game. You can meet the players and horses, stomp divots and enjoy the fashion show. 

We look forward to celebrating our annual polo party with you. This is truly an event you will not soon forget!

There are different ways to experience the polo party.

General Admission
Grass seating between VIP area and Tailgating section.

Beer + Wine Garden
Beer and wine garden on the 1st level terrace next to VIP terrace

VIP Experience
Catered brunch with full bar on the upper viewing terrace. Includes the VIP Lounge and the private VIP Cabanas.

Bellevue Lifestyle Magazine VIP Experience
Special section within the VIP area with furnishings provided by Tree Eco Furniture Gallery, fine selection of foods by Taylor Shellfish and other local tastes and wine provided by Matthews Winery. 

Tailgating locations on both ends of the sidelines.


VIP Experience


The VIP section  offers spectators the best of polo starting with the best of the bubbly. Yes, VIP tent is the only place you can enjoy premiere champagne and cocktails. Reserved tables with umbrellas line the side of the viewing berm with the best view of the game. From the highest viewing berm, the VIP Lounge allows people to relax and socialize while sipping bubbly. Hors d'oeuvres and a catered brunch are served in the VIP tent during the event.

The VIP section also includes private cabana tents for groups. The private VIP cabanas are a perfect way to entertain clients or offer employees a social event. 


Halftime Divot Stomp

Each polo match is replete with a few traditions. You are encouraged to bring picnic or tailgating items. You will also be prompted to take part in the interactive "stomping of the divots" during the half-time. This tradition makes wearing high heels difficult, as you are to walk out to the field and literally stomp turf back into the holes created by the horses' hooves. Beware of the "steaming" divots! 


Equestrian Show

Horses are majestic animals and they're a big part of the sport of polo. The connection between horse and rider will be showcased through various equestrian exhibitions. Between the two games, local equestrians perform an Andalusian Freestyle PasdeDeux to highlight the beauty and grace achievable between horse and rider. Western riders showcase their skills for the crowd with a roping and reining exhibition.


Ladies Hat Parade & Contest

Hats are the thing at a polo game and at halftime the women in hats partake in the parade of hats. The line of women stretches the length of the polo field and is quite a sights....at least for the guys. Fashion sponsor supplied prizes are awarded for the best hats in four categories: Polo Theme, Sexiest, Biggest and Spirited Hat. 

Fashion Show

From hats and sundresses to fedoras and seersuckers, fashion is a big part of polo everywhere. Everyone dresses to impress and the Seattle Polo Party brings fashion to the spectators. The Fashion Tent hosts designers and boutiques each set up to display a selection of their best fashions. Brands such as Alan Goldfarb, Leisure Society, J. Hilburn, deVuono and more are a big part of the polo party fashion scene. In between games you'll enjoy a fashion show organized by Seattle's key movers in the Seattle fashion scene.


Meet the Players

Players come from all over the Northwest with professionals from Mexico, Argentina and the US to play the Seattle Polo Party game. You'll be able to walk past the players trailers on the end line and see what it takes to play a polo game. Walk around the horses and meet the players getting ready for the game. It's like being in the pits for an auto race. You'll be able to meet the players and the horses that make the game so amazing.
At halftime there's time during the divot stomp to meet and greet players on their favorite horse. This is a great photo op for those looking for some social media love.